Biosciences Big Data

New online graduate certificate in applied bioinformatics launched

The completion of the human genome sequence early in the 21st century marked the beginning of a big data explosion in life sciences research. The resulting interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics focuses on the application of computational tools in the management and analysis of the data pouring out of the biosciences.

With the bioinformatics market expected to grow to $12.86 billion by 2020, there is an increased demand for bioscientists who are able to better understand and leverage their own research data, as well as informaticians who understand life sciences research.

The University of Delaware’s Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CBCB) addresses this need with the launch of a new Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics aimed at professionals who will join the next generation of researchers and professionals bridging life sciences and computational sciences. The online curriculum and program development is supported by the UD Provost’s Initiative for Excellence and Innovation in E-Learning grant in collaboration with Academic Technology Services.


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