Fuels of the Future

Under its new moniker, UD’s Center for Fuel Cells and Batteries will be a hub of energy innovation

Alternative fuels will power our future—and that future is coming fast. Earlier this month, General Motors announced that it plans to launch at least 20 all-electric vehicles by 2023.

At the University of Delaware, the Center for Fuel Cells and Batteries, formerly known as the Center for Fuel Cell Research, is a hub for innovation in sustainable fuel.

Bingqing Wei, professor of mechanical engineering, is the new director of the Center for Fuel Cells and Batteries. An expert in electrochemical batteries and capacitors, he will lead the center as it explores a wider range of technologies for clean, efficient energy.

“The center was previously focused mostly on fundamentals of fuel cell technology,” he said. “In the past eight years, there has been increased focus on batteries as well.”

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